Shape Books

Mouse Shapes

By: Ellen Walsh

ISBN: 9781328740533

What can you make with one oval, two circles, and eight triangles? Just ask three clever mice—who even find a funny way to trick a sneaky cat.

Round is a Tortilla

By: Roseanne Thong

ISBN: 9781452145686

Features rich, boisterous illustrations, fun-to-read rhyming text, and an informative glossary to explore words in Spanish throughout the book.

Tangled: A Story About Shapes

By: Anne Miranda

ISBN: 9781481497213

A rollicking rhyming story about an unruly gang of sixteen geometric shapes who get tangled in the neighborhood jungle gym until their friend comes to their rescue and order is restored.

Big Box of Shapes

By: Wiley Blevins

ISBN: 9781634404174

Triangles, circles, squares. To most of us, these are just simple shapes. But in the imaginations of Lulu and Max, these shapes found in a box take on exciting new meanings. What will you see?

Cuauhtémoc: Shapes

By: Patty Rodriguez

ISBN: 9781481476454

Explore the city of Tenochtitlan along side Cuauhtémoc, the last Aztec emperor―where you’ll come across the circulo (circle) in the Aztec calendar, the triángulo (triangle) in the pyramid, the heart in the shield of an Aztec princess, and more!

Love, Triangle

By: Marcie Colleen

ISBN: 9780062410849

With their friendship bent out of shape, can they put it back together again?

Shape by Shape

By: Suse MacDonald

ISBN: 9781416971474

Bright, cut-paper, collage-style artwork transforms circles into eyes and triangles into scales until a familiar creature is revealed, with the aid of a large fold-out page, on the final spread.

Color Zoo

By: Lois Ehlert

ISBN: 9780397322596

Shapes and colors in your zoo, lots of things that you can do. Heads and ears, beaks and snouts, that's what animals are all about. I know animals and you do too; make some new ones for your zoo.

City Shapes

By: Diana Murray

ISBN: 9780316370929

From shimmering skyscrapers to fluttering kites to twinkling stars high in the sky, everyday scenes become extraordinary as a young girl walks through her neighborhood noticing exciting new shapes at every turn.

People Shapes

By: Heidi Stemple

ISBN: 9781534488908

Every page of this adorable board book is a different shape that represents different family members in a child’s life. From star-shaped moms to heart-shaped dads, each shape helps define the loving characteristics of family members.