Camping Books

The Camping Trip

By: Jennifer K. Mann

ISBN: 9781536207361

An endearing story about a girl’s first experience with the great outdoors.

Oliver and Hope’s Adventure Under the Stars

By: Meg Cadets

ISBN: 9780989793797

Come along for the ride as Oliver the bear and Hope the butterfly join their friends Millie the barn owl and Chewie the English bulldog for their first camping trip.

Camping Day

By: Patricia Lakin

ISBN: 9780803733091

Four crocodile friends have many adventures during a camp-out.

Fatima’s Great Outdoors

By: Ambreen Tariq

ISBN: 9781984816955

Fatima Khazi is excited for the weekend. Her family is headed to a local state park for their first camping trip!

Flo & Wendell Explore

By: William Wegman

ISBN: 9780803739307

When Flo takes her little brother, Wendell, camping in their backyard, they use their imaginations to have the best adventure ever.

Vamos a Acampar: Camping Out

By: Kyla Steinkraus

ISBN: 9781618105493

Children Get Scared While Camping In The Backyard After Hearing A Scary Story.

Maisy Goes Camping

By: Lucy Cousins

ISBN: 9781442020498

Maisy the mouse and her friends spend a night camping under the stars.


By: Lizi Boyd

ISBN: 9781452118949

Readers can experience the wonder and excitement of nighttime exploration in the woods and wordlessly entices readers to explore the hidden nature outside their own homes.

Ruby's Sleepover

By: Kathryn White

ISBN: 9781846865930

Ruby and her friend Mai are camping out in Mai's garden where giants, dragons, and pirates head toward their tent, but fortunately Ruby has some magical objects to keep the girls safe.

S is For S'mores: A Camping Alphabet

By: Helen Foster James

ISBN: 9781585363025

Introduces camping from A to Z using poetry, prose, and illustrations in a children's picture book. Includes information on beach camping, canyons, foliage, camping gear, John Muir, Juliette Gordon Low, and more.