Books about Emotions

¿Cómo dicen ESTOY ENOJADO los dinosaurios?

By: Janet Yolen

ISBN: 9780606390323

My Cold Plum Lemon Pie Bluesy Mood

By: Tameka Fryer Brown

ISBN: 9780670012855

Jamie describes his mood throughout the day, using colors and rhythmic text, as he changes from an "easy green mood" while drawing a picture for his sister to a "brooding black mood" when he is teased for doing so.

I Am (Not) Scared

By: Anna Kang

ISBN: 9781503937451

Two fuzzy creatures go to an amusement park and discover that being frightened may not be as scary as one thinks.

El Pez Pucheros

By: Deborah Diesen

ISBN: 9780374305055

Escuchando Con Mi Corazón: Una Cuento de Bondad y Autocompasión

By: Gabi Garcia

ISBN: 9781949633245

Feeling Sad

By: Sarah Verroken

ISBN: 9781592700837

On a gloomy day, Duck feels sad until a frog gives him some advice that cheers him up

Hooray for Hat

By: Brian Won

ISBN: 9780544159037

Elephant wakes up in a grumpy mood, but a present on his doorstep--a hat--cheers him and he sets out to greet his neighbors who all, it seems, need hats of their own.

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings

By: Jo Witek

ISBN: 9781419713101

A young girl explores what different emotions feel like, such as happiness which makes her want to twirl, or sadness which feels as heavy as an elephant.

La Catrina

By: Patty Rodríguez

ISBN: 9780986109966

How Do You Feel?

By: Anthony Browne

ISBN: 9780763658625

A young chimp describes a variety of emotions he experiences.

The Feelings Book

By: Todd Parr

ISBN: 978031601249

Children express different moods, including "I feel very mad," "I feel like reading books all day," and "I feel like wearing funny underwear."

When Sophie's Feelings are Very, Very Hurt

By: Molly Bang

ISBN: 9780545788311

Sophie's is hurt when the other children laugh at her painting of her favorite tree--but when she explains her painting everybody understands what she was trying to do.

Wild Feelings

By: David Milgrim

ISBN: 9780805095876

Do you ever feel as stubborn as a mule? Or as chicken as a chicken? Of course you do. Looks at the normal, natural feelings we all have.