Baby Faces Books

Making Faces : a first book of emotions

By: Abrams Appleseed

ISBN: 9781419723834

This bold, beautiful board book introduces five essential expressions: happy, sad, angry, surprised, and silly.

A Kiss Means I Love You

By: Kathryn Madeline Allen

ISBN: 9780807541869

Explores the meanings of different actions, expressions, words, and sounds, from a kiss and a clap to a wave and a yawn.

My Heart Beats

By: Rina Singh

ISBN: 9781459825680

No matter what language we speak, no matter where we live in the world, our hearts beat with the same rhythm, all the sounds mean you are loved.

Global Baby Bedtimes

By: Maya Ajmera

ISBN: 9781580897082

From Panama to Peru, Vietnam to Argentina, each of the sixteen colorful photos in Global Baby Bedtimes is a glimpse into a new country and culture.


By: Elizabeth Verdick

ISBN: 9781575424224

Amazing babies are on the move in this lively board book that celebrates all the joyful ways babies propel themselves and interact with the world.

Baby Talk

By: Stella Blackstone

ISBN: 9781782852223

Babies talk in all kinds of ways - and the people who love them talk back!

I Love Colors

By: Margaret Miller

ISBN: 9780689823565

Introduces six colors through photographs of babies' faces as they wear or play with brightly-hued objects.

Show Me Happy

By: Kathryn Madeline Allen

ISBN: 9780807573532

Photographs depict children enacting such basic social concepts as sharing, helping, and playing as well as expressing themselves through gestures and actions.

The Babies and Doggies Book

By: John & Molly

ISBN: 9780544444775

Celebrates the common traits shared by babies and dogs, revealing how both sit, play ball, cuddle, and smile.

I am a Baby

By: Kathryn Madeline Allen

ISBN: 9780807536247

Photos of happy babies and words that encourage make this an irresistible read-aloud for every child and family.