Finger Family

Tommy Thumb is up.
Tommy Thumb is down.
Tommy Thumb is dancing all around the town.
Dancing on my knees,
Dancing on my toes,
Dancing on my shoulders
And dancing on my nose.

Polly pointer polkas up.
Polly Pointer polkas down.
Polly Pointer polkas all around the town.
Polkas on my knees,
Polkas on my toes,
Polkas on my shoulders
And Polkas on my nose.

Timmy Tall Man waltzes up.
Timmy Tall Man waltzes down.
Timmy Tall Man waltzes all around the town.
Waltzing on my knees,
Waltzing on my toes,
Waltzing on my shoulders
And Waltzing on my nose.

Ronnie Ringman cha chas up.
Ronnie Ringman cha chas down.
Ronnie Ringman cha chas all around the town.
Cha Chas on my knees,
Cha Chas on my toes,
Cha Chas on my shoulders
And Cha Chas on my nose.

Pammy Pinky hip hops up.
Pammy Pinky hip hops down.
Pammy Pinky hip hops all around the town.
Hip Hops on my knees,
Hip Hops on my toes,
Hip Hops on my shoulders
And Hip Hops on my nose.

Finger Family rocks out!!!
Finger Family rocks down!
Finger Family rocks out all around the town.
Rockin’ on my knees,
Rockin’ on my toes,
Rockin’ on my shoulders
And Rockin’ on my nose.

Finger Family is tired now, so off to sleep they go.